Learn more about the ancient cultures of Mexico

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ancient culturesFrom carbon dating, the oldest human remains composed of stone tools found in Mexico date more than 23,000 years old. From 7000BCE maize and beans were domesticated leading to a halt to hunting and gathering activities. In this period, social stratification led to the development of chiefdoms from villages. From 1500BCE symbolic religious traditions came up having artistic and complex architectural structures. Teotihuacan formed a military in the classical era and took over power but later fell in 1600CE with the rise of Nahua people.
On the post-classic period the Toltec culture was dominant in Central Mexico. Later in this post-classic era, Aztecs formed a branch empire and were famous for making human sacrifices. In 1519 Aztec Empire was conquered by Hernan Cortes. The Aztec Empire ruler was killed and his successor too later died of small pox which took the lives of approximately three million Aztec citizens. The Spaniards who had invaded the empire were immune to the disease hence they easily took over leadership of Mexico.
Mexico was declared independent from the Spanish rule in 1810 by Miguel Hidalgo. Jose Maria assumed power after the death of Miguel through execution. Agustin de Iturbide was the first emperor of Mexican Empire. In 1823, there was a revolt geared towards facing him out and Guadalupe Victoria was made president of the new country.

The Beauty of San Cristobal De La Barranca

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San Cristobal De La BarrancaSan Cristobal De La Barranca is a town that lies in the central-northern part of Mexico. It acts as a center, town and a municipality within Mexico that reach in physical features and a reasonable number of human developments. The town itself appears less developed but is endowed with a variety of natural features such as lakes, ponds, rivers, streams, hills and beautiful mountains. The center has a plaza with an exciting water fountain whose site can be very refreshing to visitors. Besides the water bodies, the town has many plants and animal species. The site of deers, porcupines, wild cats, eagles and several birds make the place wonderful. The entire municipality consists of many attractions that are not only interesting to visit but also provide opportunity for leisure activities.

San Cristobal De La Barranca

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San Cristobal De La Barranca lies just inside the boundary of the province of Jalisco in Mexico and is not known for being a tourist destination. It is, in fact, one of the least visited destinations in Mexico, a country known all over the world as a holiday destination. San Cristobal De La Barranca lies in a convenient position in central-northern Mexico, only 100km away from the sea and is well worth the visit. It is an area very high in water; ponds, lakes, streams and rivers abound, beautifully offset by the green looming mountains and hills. The white-washed houses nestle into the foothills adding to the attraction of this lovely undeveloped area.

Due to its lack of development, the small population – just over 3000 people – tends to be quite poor and cannot offer a tourist much in the way of luxury, but for those in search of adventure and something different, something not in the guide books, you will be hard pressed to beat San Cristobal De La Barranca.

San Cristobal De La Barranca features a wonderful bio-diversity; like much of Mexico, it is home to many speices of birds and animals with a profilic variation of plant life. Among the species that can be spotted by a careful and patient watcher are deer, wild cats, and porcupines amongst others.Eagles will soar overhead in search of squirrels and other small creatures. Keep an eye – and an ear! – open for the delightfully named chachalaca, a small noisy bird native to Mexico, very distantly related to the chicken and named for the sound it makes.

The centre of San Cristobal De La Barranca features a plaza with a fountain, a feature sure to appear in photographs taken to commenorate your visit to this small community, proof of your holiday somewhere out of the ordinary, and a refreshing experience after the manufactured and processed world of contemporary, one-size-fits-all tourism.

What to visit in Mexico City

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Mexico City is among the populous cities worldwide, and among the most historic. Due to its huge size, tourist can have hard time to decide the sites to visit. Here are some of the sites to tour.

Visit the heartbeat of the city, Zocalo (Plaza de la Constitucion). It is located in Historic Center. It is second biggest Public Square worldwide after Moscow’s Red Square. Dances, cultural events, music concerts and political protests are always performed there.

Tour Catedral Metropolitana which is among the largest cathedrals. It has many architecture styles since it was constructed over 250 years. Materials used to build it were from the demolished Aztec temple on that site. Due to nature of soil of the Mexico City, this cathedral is sinking bit by bit. Walk through the vast interior of the cathedral to see several religious displays and other architecture. You can as well hear the enormous pipe organ and cathedral bells. 

The Indigenous peoples of Mexico

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Mexico is one of the southern American countries with the largest indigenous population. The 1992 constitution formally recognised the contributions made by indigenous peoples of Mexico. Although this group may represent a minority of the Mexican population, forming just about thirteen per cent of population, they share among them atleast fifty six different languages.

The officials had classified indigenous people based on language and many Mexicans were of the opinion that this greatly underestimated the number of people that belonged to this group.In 2000, the National commission for the Development of Indigenous people (CDI) suggested there were approximately ten million in number making up 9.5% of the Mexican population. This number has changed over the years as there has been a slow but steady growth and also a change in the definition of indigenous people.

Everyone should try tourism in Mexico

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Tourism is a common phenomenon in our present world. We all require some time to unwind and relax away from out busy schedules and lifestyles. There are several interesting places to visit with Mexico being one of them.Tourism in Mexico is unique and in a class of its own. For anyone that has not been there yet, then they are missing out .

Mexico is country with hidden wonders and treasures. Some of the top most tourist destinations one would not want to miss when touring Mexico are illustrated below.Puerto Vallarta is a town filled with beauty , mystery and located along Mexico’s pacific coast. This is currently one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world. Reason being the weather conditions is warm and favorable, it is very affordable in terms of accommodation , meals and transportation .The Mexicans in this town are very hospitable. All year round there is a myriad of activities and all amenities one would need are readily available.The Isla Mujeres is an island that is accessible by ferry from the shore of Mexico.